Rusagro group of companies

Rusagro group of companies

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Year: 2019

About the client

Rusagro group of companies is the largest vertically integrated agricultural holding in Russia. Currently, Rusagro holds a leading position in the production of sugar, grain and fat-and-oil products. The holding includes 4 plants for processing oilseeds-sunflower and soy. In the 2018/2019 season, Rusagro group increased its production of sunflower oil by more than 3 times, taking more than 10% of this segment of the Russian market.

Business situation

In order to maintain the achieved indicators and be able to develop further, Rusagro group is constantly working to study the situation in those markets that are of interest from the point of view of investment. Due to the increase in the volume of processing of oilseeds, it was decided to study the experience of leading foreign companies specializing in this type of activity.


MegaResearch analysts conducted a marketing study of the global market for sunflower seed and soy bean processing products. The study analyzed global market trends in this area. Based on the results of the work, the most investment-attractive and economically justified types of products were proposed.


  • The obtained results formed the basis of the agricultural holding's strategy for this business area for 2020-2025.
  • Rusagro group and MegaResearch have been working closely since 2013. Over the years of cooperation, the Agency has conducted a number of studies on various types of fat and oil products. MegaResearch research helps agricultural holdings make important management decisions.