It is much more difficult to explore foreign markets than similar Russian ones. This requires additional tools and skills, ranging from knowledge of foreign languages to the need to study the specifics of legislation, culture, economic relations, and even statistics of different countries.

Our specialists are qualified enough to get reliable and up-to-date information even for narrow and poorly researched segments of such markets, where there is practically no analytical data in the public domain.

What tasks are solved

  • collect information about current indicators and trends in the markets of a particular product in several countries;
  • ranking of markets in terms of prospects for promoting the customer's products;
  • assessment of the company's competitiveness in foreign markets;
  • identification of consumer behavior characteristics, taking into account their national and cultural traditions;
  • determining the company's export potential;
  • formation of recommendations for building a marketing strategy for entering foreign markets.

International market research includes:

  1. Analysis of production and consumption centers
  2. Analysis of the structure of import supplies to the studied countries
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Determining the potential of export destinations
  5. The identification of barriers to market entry

To identify the most promising markets for the customer, we define:

  • the main world centers of production and consumption of the studied product;
  • the world's leading manufacturers and largest consumers of both the product itself and the raw materials for its manufacture.
Ksenia Boyko

Ksenia specializes in marketing research projects, business plans and strategic consulting.


Comprehensive study of foreign markets

    To obtain complete information on the markets of certain countries, classical comprehensive studies are conducted, including:

    • competitive analysis;
    • analysis of consumers;
    • study of the existing distribution system.
Study of certain aspects of the foreign market

    Depending on the task at hand:

    • the volume and structure of consumption are being studied;
    • competitive analysis is conducted;
    • the structure of foreign economic supplies is investigated;
    • legal barriers are identified.
Expert analysis

    The current market situation is studied by interviewing experts from countries of interest to the customer-representatives of key market players:

    • consumers;
    • manufacturers;
    • distributors;
    • members of specialized associations.

International market research, methodologies

  • Desk research
  • Expert interview
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Statistics analysis
  • Monitoring of the market
  • Market potential assessment
  • Collection, systematization and analysis of information from various sources

    Collection, systematization and analysis of information from various sources. These include: official state statistics, publications in the media and industry publications, reports from research centers, professional associations, data from international marketing agencies, and materials from the Internet.

    The method allows you to get a large amount of information, take into account different points of view and approaches, and form an objective view of the situation in the industry.

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Our services are based on a unique combination of proprietary market research methods and a high level of human intelligence.

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