Business planning is carried out to assess the prospects of the project, develop a profit-making mechanism, and draw up a strategic and tactical activity plan.

Often, the goal of a business plan is to get funds to implement an idea, such as an investment, bank loan, grant or subsidy.

What tasks are solved

  • defining the organization's activities;
  • justification for choosing a business product;
  • study of target markets;
  • development of strategies and tactics for achieving goals;
  • formulation of short -, medium- and long-term business development goals;
  • identification of persons responsible for project implementation;
  • formation of the assortment policy of the project or company;
  • estimation of trade and production costs when creating and selling a product;
  • determining the personnel of the project being implemented in quantitative and professional terms;
  • drawing up a plan of marketing activities (advertising campaigns, sales promotion programs, pricing, determining sales channels, etc.);
  • assessing the financial condition of the organization, the availability of material resources to achieve the goals set.

Business plans and financial models include:

  1. Business plans and feasibility studies
  2. Comprehensive investment project
  3. Protection before banks and investors
  4. Selection of suppliers and equipment
  5. Financial model

Business plans and feasibility studies are developed in accordance with various standards:

  • international UNIDO standard;
  • Sberbank, RSHB, VTB, and VEB standards;
  • Industry Development Fund standard;
  • Company towns Development Fund standard;
  • standard of the Corporation for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, state structures of regional investment development.

Business plans and feasibility studies are drawn up to solve a specific task according to the agreed terms of reference. You can order an audit and revision of projects completed by other agencies.
As part of a separate service, preliminary business development concepts are developed for beginners and current entrepreneurs.

Dmitry Abakumov
Dmitry Abakumov
Project Manager

Dmitry specializes in marketing research projects, business plans and strategic consulting.


Existing business
    • Structural business expansion.
    • Entering new markets.
    • Start of production of a new product.
    • Obtaining financing or optimizing production.
New business
    • Justification of the feasibility of opening a new business.
    • Assessment of the investment attractiveness of a new business.
    • Obtaining permits and licenses to start a new business.
    • Receiving subsidies and financing for new businesses.
Obtaining financing
    • Assessment of the investment attractiveness of the project.
    • Receiving subsidies.
    • Justification of the project's economic feasibility.

Financial organizations and government agencies have their own business plan standards, which differ in the structure and requirements for the document. Banks, including Sberbank, VTB, Rosselkhozbank, VEB and many others have individual methods. For special economic zones, use the form established by the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation.

For foreign and large Russian investors, documents are most often compiled according to the methodology of the United Nations industrial development Organization (UNIDO).

Business plans and financial models, methodologies

  • Marketing analysis
  • Plans analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Research of the market and its main trends during the project implementation period

    Research of the market and its main trends during the project implementation period. Analysis of the competitive environment and compliance of product delivery terms with existing consumer expectations.

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