From developing questionnaires, guides and organizing information collection, to statistical processing, data analysis and preparation of reports-presentations based on the results of market research, analysis of markets, consumers and competitors.

Our team has extensive experience in complex research, including both survey methods and comprehensive analysis of statistical and other public information about the market.

What tasks are solved

  • evaluating the prospects for new products or services, testing the readiness of the target audience to purchase them and the conditions for this readiness;
  • assessment of popularity and market share based on a consumer survey;
  • analysis of consumer practices (frequency and specifics of purchasing or using products and services);
  • analysis of motivations and factors for choosing products/services/brands;
  • evaluation of partner and customer satisfaction/loyalty;
  • analysis of the price elasticity of consumption.

Resources for implementing these tasks:

  • professional analysts who can develop tools for conducting quantitative and qualitative research and analyze the results in detail;
  • highly qualified moderators-analysts who specialize in conducting in-depth and expert interviews, including with high-status respondents;
  • own call center that specializes in conducting surveys in the b2b sector, including among hard-to-reach audiences;
  • proven partner call centers that meet high quality requirements for the final result;
  • verified online partner panels for individuals;
  • own software solution for online survey of individuals and legal entities;
  • accumulated database of experts from various industries;
  • a network of regional partners ready to complete tasks related to local and Federal personal surveys.


  1. Telephone surveys (CATI)
  2. Online survey
  3. Personal interview
  4. Expert interview
  5. In-depth interviews with consumers
  6. Group interviews (focus groups)
  7. Hall tests

1.   Surveys of individuals in random samples and client bases.

2.   Surveys of legal entities (based on their own developed databases, either prepared specifically for the project, or received from the customer).

Advantages in comparison with the work of your own call center or sales service that receives feedback from customers:

  • objectivity of results (we are interested in conducting interviews correctly and getting high-quality answers to questions, the motivation of our work is not tied to the nature of the answers received);
  • our interviewers have extensive experience in interviewing representatives of legal entities and high-status respondents;
  • training programs and quality control of operators.
Andrey Markin
Andrey Markin
Lead Project Manager

Andrey specializes in marketing research projects, business plans and strategic consulting.

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Our services are based on a unique combination of proprietary market research methods and a high level of human intelligence.

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