MegaResearch Agency specializes in conducting comprehensive marketing research in various sectors of the economy.

What tasks does marketing research solve

  • determining potential market capacity;
  • identification of promising products and services;
  • calculation of market growth rates;
  • identifying trends;
  • determining the optimal pricing policy;
  • development of an effective business promotion system;
  • identify and study the competitive environment;
  • identifying customer needs;
  • determining the market share.

Marketing research includes

  1. Market research
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Sales structure research
  4. Product research
  5. Consumer research
  6. Analysis of advertising effectiveness
  7. Mystery shopping
  8. Data research

Market research includes:

  • determining the volume, capacity, and structure of the market;
  • analysis of foreign trade supplies;
  • identification of market trends;
  • building a forecast of market development.
Dmitry Palkin
Dmitry Palkin
Lead Project Manager

Dmitry specializes in marketing research projects, business plans and strategic consulting.

Areas of marketing research

    • What is the specifics of the industry market?
    • How the industry is developing?
    • What changes are taking place in the market?
    • How the main competitors work?
    • What do you need to do to take a leading position?
The product and the consumer
    • What products are in demand?
    • What consumers expect from the product?
    • How to make the product more attractive to the customer?
    • Which companies are interested in the product?
    • What motivates the customer to buy the product?
    • What customer needs should be considered?
Promotion and sales
    • What are the features of product promotion?
    • How to promote your product more effectively?
    • What marketing activities will attract customers and increase sales?
    • How to organize a sales system?
    • What tasks should be assigned to the sales department?
    • What methods will help you build effective interaction with the client?

Marketing research reports, methodologies

  • Desk research
  • Expert interview
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Collection, systematization and analysis of information from various sources

    Collection, systematization and analysis of information from various sources. These include: official state statistics, publications in the media and industry publications, reports from research centers, professional associations, data from international marketing agencies, and materials from the Internet.

    The method allows you to get a large amount of information, take into account different points of view and approaches, and form an objective view of the situation in the industry.

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Our services are based on a unique combination of proprietary market research methods and a high level of human intelligence.

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