«Globaltruck» LLC

«Globaltruck» LLC

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About the client

«Globaltruck» is the second largest truck carrier in the FTL segment (transportation of large loads from a single customer). The company serves more than 1,000 customers and provides cargo delivery and forwarding services on routes that run through the central regions of Russia, the Urals and Siberia. Globaltruck is among the industry leaders not only in terms of the number of its own vehicles, but also in terms of the pace of their renewal — in 2019, the average age of tractors in operation was 2.6 years.

Business situation

In order to receive additional investments to expand the business and purchase a batch of new trucks, the company decided to conduct a public offering of its shares on the stock market. It is important to note that no Russian cargo carrier has ever entered the IPO before. In order to show potential investors the attractiveness of this market, «Globaltrak Logistics» LLC commissioned a marketing study from MegaResearch.


Leading experts of the MegaResearch analytical group analyzed in detail the market of mainline FTL cargo transportation in Russia and in the world. The study analyzed the state of affairs and fleets of the main market players, trends in the consumption of FTL-cargo transportation services. The study helped to successfully prepare for and enter the IPO, which was attended by 14 Western institutional investors, mainly from Europe and Scandinavia.


Following the placement of shares on the Moscow exchange, the company attracted 2.57 billion rubles of investment and purchased 400 tractors and semi-trailers for business development. The customer was provided with data on the volume, structure, and distribution of shares of major players, as well as an expert forecast of market development for the next 5 years.