The Delimobil service

The Delimobil service

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About the client

«Delimobil» — the second in fleet size and geographical presence carsharing service in Russia. In 2015, the company had just 100 of its own cars, and by the end of 2019, the number had increased to 12,000. Business is growing due to continuous work on improving customer service and expanding the zone of its presence. The company selects new markets after carefully studying their prospects.

Business situation

The Delimobil service uses a universal business model that allows you to successfully work and earn money in different countries. Therefore, the company considers not only Russian cities, but also large localities in neighboring countries as potential regions for further development. In 2018, our agency was assigned to evaluate the prospects for launching car-sharing services in Almaty.


The study examined the consumers ' expectations on the service of car sharing. As a result, the expected level of service and the prices at which consumers are willing to use this service were determined.

MegaResearch analysts conducted in-depth interviews with 1,200 potential consumers and estimated the potential volume of the car-sharing market in Almaty.


  • The service was launched in October 2018, and by mid-2019 it had 50,000 registered customers.
  • This analysis helped Delimobil to make a decision to enter a new market and develop an effective marketing strategy for working on it.


Весной 2018 года компания ООО «Микро Капитал» (Делимобиль) заказала у агентства «MegaResearch» маркетинговое исследование. Работа была выполнена на высоком уровне. Отдельно хотелось бы отметить индивидуальный подход к работе над проектом и выполнение всех пожеланий нашей компании.

Также благодарим сотрудников компании за грамотную и ответственную работу над проектом.


Рекомендуем маркетинговое агентство «MegaResearch» как надежного, профессионального и стабильного делового партнера.


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