«Elkat» LLC

«Elkat» LLC

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Year: 2019

About the client

«Elkat» LLC is a major manufacturer of copper wire rod and wire. «Elkat» LLC is the legal successor of a joint Russian-Finnish company founded in 1988. The company produces copper wire rod and wire — raw materials for the manufacture of electrical cable, contact wire, tires for switchboards and other electrical materials and supplies its products to the largest cable factories in Russia.

Business situation

As one of the directions of its development, the company considered the organization of production of contact wire and copper busbar as products with a higher added value than intermediate raw materials. Our agency was tasked with analyzing a new market for the customer and evaluating the feasibility of investing in this business.


MegaResearch analysts conducted a marketing study of the Russian contact wire and copper bus market. In the course of the study, the potential volume of demand was calculated, the competitive environment and existing barriers to entry into the industry were studied.


  • The results of the study showed that it is unprofitable to invest in a new direction. As a result, the company's investments were saved.
  • The customer fully agreed with the analysts ' conclusions and directed funds to more attractive projects.