We will help you identify the main problems of your company's economic, human resources, technological, or organizational plan and together outline ways to solve them.

This service can also be relevant if you want to change the direction of the company's development, adjust your marketing strategy, win a new audience, or bring a new product to the market.

What tasks are solved

  • correcting a situation that has worsened due to any external or internal reasons;
  • improvement of the current situation in accordance with the new goals set;
  • creating a new situation for the business transition to a qualitatively different state;
  • build or debugging of mechanisms of management of the organization;
  • introduction of new promising techniques in the management of the company;
  • development of recommendations on optimization of external contacts;
  • analysis and optimization of the company's internal business processes;
  • strategic planning, search for promising areas of business development.

Management consulting includes:

  1. Internal audit
  2. Business performance analysis
  3. Business process optimization

To determine possible ways to reorganize the internal environment of the company, an analysis of its financial and economic activities is carried out and recommendations are developed for:

  • cost optimization;
  • increase profitability;
  • increase financial turnover;
  • speeding up the production cycle.
Ilya Shilin
Ilya Shilin
Lead Project Manager

Ilya specializes in marketing research projects, business plans and strategic consulting.

Strategic consulting

    To form an overall strategy for the company's development, the following is carried out:

    • local and global market analysis;
    • assessment of the company's strengths and weaknesses in relation to competitors and the external environment;
    • building an effective business model;
    • risk assessment and development of measures to minimize them.

    As part of determining the company's development forecast, its marketing goals and objectives in the considered horizon are highlighted, an action plan is developed to achieve them, and recommendations are made for implementing the necessary changes.

Marketing consulting

    Within the framework of marketing consulting, the following tasks are solved:

    • development of a company promotion strategy;
    • diagnostics and management of target audience behavior;
    • analysis of compliance of the company's current marketing strategy with the set goals and objectives;
    • study of business processes of marketing and sales of the enterprise;
    • develop recommendations for optimizing marketing and PR costs.

Management consulting, methodologies

  • Analytical methods
  • Methods of interaction with employees of your company
  • Analytical methods needed to diagnose problems and develop solutions

    Depending on the task and stage of your company's modernization process, we conduct interviews, surveys, tests, synthesis, observations, group work, business games, expert assessments, brainstorming sessions, analysis, forecasting, and other activities.

Why choose us?

Our services are based on a unique combination of proprietary market research methods and a high level of human intelligence.

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